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Bakery & Treats

picture of the delimann packagingHow your Delimann products are packaged

It is very important to us that the products in your gift arrive in perfect condition, and also look wonderful!  It is also crucial that we do not use excessive packaging and produce unnecessary waste.

It has taken us months of research to achieve, what we now feel, is the right combination of style and sustainability. A style that reflects the Delimann's brand by looking beautifully simple and rustic, whilst at the same time being mindful that all the materials we use are able to be recycled easily.

All our products, either those that are sent as gifts or regular orders, will arrive in our signature rustic  box - which is made from 100% recyclable material and designed and produced here in Devon.  The printed ink is vegetable based  too.  It's a great storage box as well, and one that can be used after the gift has been enjoyed - or it can be placed in the cardboard recyling box.

Our wood wool is manufactured from well seasoned, low resin content softwood harvested from renewable forests within the U.K. After use, wood wool can be safely disposed of or reused. The EEC are enforcing stringent regulations concerning environmental matters and these include packaging. The wood wool makes excellent animal bedding (tried and tested on many a rabbit and hamster!) but can also be recycled easily.  The wax paper, which gives the gift a lovely deli feel, makes excellent sandwich wrap for packed lunches!

Your order will be carefully packed by hand and products are secured with the aforementioned wood wool.  All of our design and creation of artwork has also been produced in the West Country by local designers.

The box is then placed in a strong "outer" before being sent by overnight courier.  The national courier service we have chosen is Interlink, due to its "Total Zero" carbon neutrality commitment.  Interlink normally guarantee a next day delivery service and, providing an email address or mobile phone number is provided, will forward a specific hours delivery slot, thus minimising the chance of having to return twice to same address to make a delivery.  At peak times, like Christmas, we would ask to allow up to 2 days.               

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